Large playcentre in the Surrey Hills

  • Bespoke climbing frame surrey
  • Bespoke climbing frame surrey
  • Bespoke climbing frame surrey
  • Bespoke climbing frame surrey

When I visited Anna in the spring of 2010 it took a while to work out just how we would be able to turn this very awkward site into something wonderful. But fortunately Anna was full of ideas, and we had a few of our own. The end result is a stunning realisation of those ideas and vision.

The garden we were to be working had been carefully landscaped. The only difficult area remaining being the are we were to be working in. By carefully laying out the elements, and progressing in a logical manner the construction commenced. It was one of our longer builds onsite, but even so we were compete within 5 days.

Bespoke climbing frame surrey
The site before work had started.

We wanted to make use of the existing trees to create a ‘treetops’ feel when on the platform that the house is on. So we developed a half octagon balcony that extended into the conifers in front of the house.

There were a number of computer models developed along the way, these help to visualise the design.

Playcentre Surrey Hills
One of the project concept drawings

This project was a great example of how we are able to visualise the potential of even the most awkward of spaces, and to deliver playspaces that really are unique.

Product Name

Playhouse climbing frame in Surrey

  • Cedar shingle cottage
  • Steeply sloping site amongst trees
  • Long high slide
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May 2010