Badger Lodge Playhouse climbing frame in London

  • BAdger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
  • Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
  • Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
  • Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
  • Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
  • Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame
A difficult garden space can be an opportunity for play

When we look at a space in a garden we often have a very perspective to that of the owner. Areas of a garden that might otherwise be considered as difficult or challenging often present opportunities for making a play area more interesting. This garden had a slope that was struggling to find a purpose. We looked at it and immediately saw the possibility of a playcentre and playhouse sitting along the length where the rear was at ground level and the lower front edge gave the opportunity for activities like fireman’s poles and climbing walls to work.

The inside of our playhouses is stunning

Our Badger Lodge playhouse is a large playhouse with an upper mezzanine level. We make the inside of the playhouse to be really nice. The inside walls are lined with plywood, and then the walls are painted. As the panels are assembled we caulk the joins so that they appear seamless.

I’ve often tried to photograph the insides of the playhouses, only rarely succeeding to show the internal level of finish. I think this phot really captures the quality of the finish.  It also, shows how the internal painting allows the light from the many windows to reflect around the inside.

Badger Lodge Playhouse Climbing Frame









Large playhouse climbing frames

This project is the latest in a growing portfolio of combination playcentres featuring our large designer playhouses as the centrepiece of a large play system. We’ve used both our Badger Lodge playhouses and our, even larger, Harvestwood playhouses in this way to really good effect. This could be the perfect combination of stunning 2 storey children’s playhouse and expansive climbing frame activity centre.

When we consider making a project of this size the first step is always a client visit. This is an opportunity to look at the potential locations in the garden for a children’s playground. It’s also much easier to asses the need for safety surfacing, and to suggest the most appropriate type. Many years of experience have shown that the best way to approach the design of a playcentre is often with a blank piece of paper, a pen, our huge portfolio of products and projects, and an open mind as to the possible outcomes and designs that may be possible. So, if you want a castle, or a ship, or a fairy house, or a princess castle, then we can design and build to suit you.

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This large playcentre was built recently near Bromley in London. We managed to use the bank to really great effect to make the transition of levels an integral element of the overall play space.

  • Large 2 storey Badger Lodge Playhouse
  • Hump bridge
  • Spiral tube slide
  • Nest swing
  • Additional play space / storage under tower
  • Stunning cedar roofs