Amazing children’s play castle bespoke project in Bath

  • castle playhouse climbing frame
  • Amazing children' play castle bespoke project in Bath
  • Amazing children' play castle bespoke project in Bath
  • Amazing children' play castle bespoke project in Bath
  • Amazing children' play castle bespoke project in Bath

This playhouse climbing frame really has it all

One of the things we love at Playways, is the variety of things that we get asked to do. As well as our usual ranges of playhouses and climbing frames we also get asked to make some really unusual and spectacular bespoke garden playcentres. A phone call on a hot day in June was one of those occasions.

The usual tones of the phone filled the busy office. We took the customer through our usual process of trying to establish what was required, and as a result we arranged to make a site visit to Bath to see the site and talk to the customer in person.
We had a long conversation about the features they wanted, which took into account the age of the children who would be using it (a 9 month old baby and upwards), and what the space was that we had to work with. We also began to explore possible styling options, colours and so on. The wish list that began to emerge was long but exciting, and became clear that we were dealing with one of our larger projects. The customer had a list of wants including;

  • A range of swing seats including, of course, a baby swing
  • Both a super slick wave slide and one of our amazing turbo tube slides
  • A bridge to a tower
  • A birds nest swing
  • A climbing rock wall
  • A large 2 storey playhouse
  • Monkey bars
  • Pink and white paintwork
  • A shield with personalised writing

We started looking through some pictures, and one of the ones that leapt out was the pink and white castle that we’d built for a customer in Birmingham a few years earlier. Taking all of these requirements and wishes, we came up with the idea of extending the castle playcentre from that previous design and building it into a much large playcentre. The end result was a custom playhouse climbing frame full of possibilities for exciting, imaginative and creative play, and loads of climbing frame activities to keep young children active and engaged for many years to come.

One of the complicating things about this project, was not only that the specification and styling list was long and complicated, but also the timescales were really short.

Did we deliver?….You bet we did!!

It was clear that this was going to be a bespoke project, made to the customers specification. This project was a pleasure to work on and complete and so much fun.

We’re always looking for a challenge, small or large we love to test our design ability. If you have our next amazing design challenge, we’ll love to take it on.

If you would like us to send you a brochure, please get in touch!

Is that the end? Of course not…. The customer didn’t think the children should have all the fun, so set us the task of installing a zip line for the adults! The staff were looking forward to installation of this one – I mean, it had to be tested after all!

We’re always up for a challenge, big or small. If you think we can make your playhouse or climbing frame (or both!) dreams come true then please get in touch. 01404 861379 or 0774 0775 840. or email [email protected]