Made to Measure

Whether we need to make a minor change to an existing Playways model, or design from scratch to create a unique, playhouse, climbing frame, castle, or just something a  bit different, we can do it.

Actually, all our designs, from the original Otter Cottage or Forest playhouse climbing frame, to our more recent Clubhouse playhouse climbing frames and growing number of castles, first came into being as unique, bespoke designs.

We’re always up for a challenge. It may be that you have a large and open garden and want something built just for you, or equally, or you may live in a townhouse where outdoor space is at a premium and you need a carefully considered design to optimise the utilisation of the space available, and provide positive visual impact to ensure your garden looks great.

Please browse through our portfolio of projects here. We’ve designed and constructed many unique and effective garden play centres over the years. If you’d like to see what we can do for you please get in touch.