Clubhouse Climbing Frame

Looking back at a fantastic year for Playways Playhouses and Climbing frames


….and what a year it has been.

We’ve added new products to our range, and built some really interesting and exciting installations for our customers.

Our year started very early and there has been no let up, so it’s been difficult at times to keep the website and our Facebook page up to date. So, as we head rapidly to the end of 2014 we thought it would be nice to look back to some of the amazing Playways Playhouses and Climbing frames that we’ve made this year.

Clubhouse climbing frame

Late in 2013 we installed a custom play centre in a small garden in Chelsea. At the time. it just seemed like another custom play centre, designed to the individual requirements of a customer with a small garden and with children to entertain. What became clear in 2014 was that we had come up with a bespoke climbing frame that worked perfectly with the limitations of town gardens. With a charming playhouse, as well as plenty of activities and swings as well, it seems that we’ve managed to cram everything into a small space, and to come up with a garden playground that is attractive and unobtrusive.

Designer Cottage playcentre

Another theme that developed through this year is that of playhouses with slides coming directly from the upper floor. We’re still to to think of a good name for this one, but taking an Otter Cottage, adding an extension to the playhouse, so there is an extra room below, and then, from an open fronted upper floor, having a slide to come down, and a climbing wall to go up adds real active fun to the imaginative space of a children’s playhouse. We’ve made a number of these now, and one of the options that has emerged is to put double doors into the end wall of the extension, turning the extension into a garage possibly.
photo 3

We’ve been making designer playhouses for many years now and we understand there are 2 criteria that we try to satisfy. The first is that we always aspire to make our playhouses and climbing frames look great, and the importance of ensuring that what we are building is an enhancing feature in the garden is a strong part of our design process. The second element that is equally important is that we are building play environments for children, places where imagination, creativity and activity happen freely and wilfully. That means, in simple terms that whatever we are needs to be fun. We try really hard to design fun into everything we do. In our raised playhouses we will often include a secret trapdoor, or have a slide coming from an upper window, or just make sure every possible opportunity for activity is incorporated. That could include climbing walls, clatter bridges, spiral slides and much more. And there is always room for a telescope or steering wheel, if that is what the customer wants.

This playhouse in South London is a great example of what we can do. There’s a veranda, an upstairs level, and a slide coming from double doors in the dormer upstairs.

Cottage playcentres

In 2014 we built many of our cottage play centres, each one unique. Whether it’s in the orientation of the play components, a different way of laying out the play platform or the tower, or maybe just a colour combination we’ve not used before. Here is a gallery of recent examples of cottage play centres.


Gilbert 1

raised playhouse

Climbing Frame Playhouse

Raised Playhouse Climbing Frame

Raised Playhouse Climbing Frame

Raised Playhouse Climbing Frame

This one also includes an Otter Cottage play centre, but that’s just the start. It’s the castle that makes this one really special. It’s a design we are really pleased with and will be developing further. This one in Kent was completed just a few weeks ago, and the surfacing work still needs to be done, so I’ll post some more pictures in the new year when hopefully the sun is shining as well.

Castle Playhouse

Forest Playhouse climbing frames

Always popular, the Forest range of playhouse climbing frames, and particularly the Forest mega continued to be a big hit in 2014. This one, installed near Nottingham saw us add a spiral tube slide. We think the red trim (called Newton’s Apple) here is also particularly effective.

So, we will look back at 2014 with great fondness and satisfaction. I feel we’ve again challenged ourselves with exciting and innovative designs, and been truly creative with the bespoke projects we’ve undertaken. The Playways team here in East Devon are enjoying a well deserved break for a few days before we start again after the New Year holiday.

2015 is already promising to be an exciting year. If you are thinking about a playhouse or climbing frame for your children for the spring then please do get in touch. I’d love to send you our brochure which explains what we do and how we go about doing it.

If you’ve bought a climbing frame or Playhouse from us this year thank you very much, we believe passionately in what we do, and greatly value your custom. If it’s a project for 2015 then I look forward to hearing from form you soon.

From the whole team at Playways, we hope you have a great Christmas, and wish you a very happy new year.

Martin Killick
Managing Director
Devon Playways Limited

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