Why children play outside

Are your kids avoiding the beauty of the outside world to sit behind a computer or TV? Why do children need to play outside, and how can we help entice our kids to go out into the outdoors and enjoy playing? Kids need to learn how to use their imagination to create worlds when they are outside. Not only will they learn how to use their imagination, they can witness unique things about nature. Something simple like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, or a seed becoming a plant, can be educational and exciting for children. Here are some other reasons why it is important for kids to get outside and play:

  • Improves health (helps to reduce heart disease, obesity, and other serious problems)
  • Improves cognitive skills, helping to improve in school
  • Boost immune system
  • Encourages friendships with others
  • Improves mood, often making the child happier
  • Improves fitness, allowing them to grow stronger
  • Learns new skills
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Improve oxygen in the body by breathing fresh air
  • Reduce stress by increasing their heart rate, which boosts metabolism
  • Releases energy, which is hard to control for children

How can you get your children to play outside? Make the outside world fun for them. Simply telling them to go outside when you have not offered anything exciting for them to do can be frustrating. Why not let Playways create a wooden play area for your kids to enjoy. Here are some fun things to help you keep your kids playing outside.

Sand Pit
Kids absolutely love to play in the sand. This is a great way to get them to really use their imagination. Purchase some cheap play toys for the kids to use as they play in the sand and let their imagination run wild. You should be prepared to get dirty with your kids as you make castles
and other fun things in the sand box. Our large play centres often include an area for a sand pit.

Wooden Play Centre
If you really want to get your kids outside, create a world for them. A wooden play centre is a great way to encourage your kids to play outside. They will enjoy being able to swing or using the climbing frame and enjoying the slide and other parts of the play structure. Wooden playhouses are durable and immensely popular with children and always include some fun themes to the play structure like a steering wheel, swings, a telescope, and wooden climbing frames. This is a fun way to encourage your kids to exercise by playing outside and helps them focus on using their imagination by making their playhouse into wherever there imagination can take them.

At Playways we make all our Playhouses and Wooden climbing frames in the UK and we have a huge range of sizes, styles and options that we can build into our raised playhouse playcentres to ensure that what we do for you is going to be perfect for your garden.

You can download your free brochure here or if you wanted to talk please call us on 01404 861379.

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