Western Morning News

Playways go all over the country installing our playhouses, climbing frames and childrens playground equipment. And despite enjoying the high variety of places we go to, whether in central London, or Surrey or further afield to Cheshire, Cumbria and beyond there is no place like home, particularly when home looks like this.
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But there is a downside to making our childrens playground equipment in this beautiful area, and that is that the broadband speeds, that are so essential to conducting a modern business, are very slow.

The part of Devon where Playways design and build all our Playhouses, Climbing frames and childrens playground equipment is not earmarked for a fast service until 2017 at the earliest and we are lucky to get a speed of 1megabyte – and “when the kids come home from school the whole system crashes”.

At a recent public meeting I was the voice of local business and the press have picked that up and featured us in the South West newspaper title – Western Morning News. Apologies for the awful picture, I was told to look ‘not happy’, so was not allowed to wear my usual, cheery, happy go lucky face.

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