Why your garden needs a Wooden Climbing Frame

wooden climbing frameThis is a question we are often asked, ‘is a wooden climbing frame adventurous enough, can this be built a little bit different for my children’.

Well the simple answer is yes to all the above as all our wooden climbing frames come in a wide range of sizes and designs with loads of options for each model, you can see more on our climbing frame page here. This means that all of our wooden climbing frames have an almost limitless range of possibilities and can be made to suit a wide range of gardens.

At Playways we believe that is any garden play equipment you buy for your children is going to suit them for a long time into the future, Playways climbing frames are certainly built to last for many years, and the great thing is that as your children grow we are able to add and adapt the climbing frame to grow with them.  Even if you feel your space is too small a simple wooden climbing frame tower can feature a good range of play items and still give that fantastic feeling of being off the ground.

To take your first step you can download a brochure here and get in touch now through the website here or call us direct on 01404 861379

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