The Harvestwood playhouse is the largest and most stunning of all the hand crafted wooden playhouses that Playways make

We frequently talk about our Raised playhouses and climbing frames, but there are many other things that do that we think are really worth shouting about. Our talent and ability to design and make fantastic designer playhouses to the highest specification is second to none. The largest and grandest playhouse in the Playways range (so far!) is the Harvestwood house, and we were recently commissioned to build one for a customer is Surrey.

Largest of the Playways playhouses

The Harvestwood playhouse really is a children’s designer playhouse. Custom made to order there are many options and variations that can be incorporated to ensure that the finished garden building is truly unique, and designed and made to the exaction criteria of the customers specification.

Show Photo16 HarvestwoodLarge garden Playhouse

Previously, Harvestwood house has usually been constructed with only half of the overall area being covered with the upper floor, meaning that the remaining half of the building has the full height of 2.7m available inside. On this occasion, with 2 young boys to consider, our client wanted to ensure they were able to divide the building equally between them, so, we extended the upper floor over the whole area of the building, dividing the upper space with the staircase access.

As with all Playways playhouses and climbing frames the customer has complete freedom to choose colours and some of the other details as well. So window boxes and facia trim profiles are all decided by the customer. It is our practice to build our large playhouses in our workshop, before then dismantling and transporting the sectional components to site. We then build our wooden playhouses in the customers garden, before final trimming.

playhouses for children

Our designer wooden playhouses are all constructed using high quality materials and paints and stains suitable for the variations in weather that we see across the UK through the course of a year. The Cedar shingles that we use, and that look so fantastic, are a traditional building roofing material. They are frequently used in this country, and even more so in North America, where they work really well in the extremes of summer and winter weather that they see.

If you would like to find out more about the Harvestwood House Children’s playhouse or any of our amazing wooden playhouses for children please visit the playhouses page of our website, or contact us direct by phoning 01404 861379.

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