Whether the space in your garden is large or small we think there should always be space for a climbing frame. Our many designs of wooden climbing frames are made to the same high standards and have the same belief that in there design that there should be as many ways up and down, across and back, and where there is a house or den involved in and out as well.

Climbing frames serve many purposes. They are of course a means of active play, and children just love to test themselves out on the physical challenges of climbing walls and monkey bars, fireman’s poles and scramble nets. Climbing frames should be the inspiration for creative adventures. So, a good climbing frame should have the flexibility to become a space rocket or a castle, or a treetops jungle hideout or even a ship. Climbing frames are also places where children can go and chill out. There should be areas where they can just be, particularly when friends are round and your children just want their own place, away from adults (even better if there’s a vantage point for a lookout) where they can chat and socialise without grown up intervention.

Of course, all children want their parents to be involved at times too, and a good climbing frame should be strong enough for you to be able to play alongside your children without concern that areas and activities might not be strong enough to bear and adults weight.

Most people start to think about climbing frames in the spring, when they begin to venture into their gardens after the winter. Of course its great to get your children playing outdoors all year round. And a good climbing frame should be usable all year round. The timber we use is robust joinery quality close grained timber. All exposed timber is pressure treated so its protected against rot and infestation. The paints and stains are water based exterior stains designed for the harshest outdoor conditions. Equally the play components we use on our climbing frames are suited to use all year round.

There are also extra touches that ensure your children develop confidence and the ability to assess and manage risks in safety. All our timber is planed smooth. We also add a rounded edge to all the components, so accidental knocks against the frame work and structure are not against sharp edges.

There is no hiding the fact, climbing frames can be quite noticeable structures in a garden. In a small garden even a small play tower, such as the Playways Treetops tower is going to be clearly visible. And a large structure such as the Forest mega combo is likely to be noticeable even in quite large gardens. And so, we make our climbing frames to look fantastic. All our climbing frames are wooden. Where paint is used you get to choose the colour (we provide you with paint charts or you can select your own, no problem). You can choose different styles of roofing, from slatted timber, to gorgeous cedar shingles to reconstituted tiles, we’ve even brought in a thatcher!!.

Most of all, above all the other considerations and concerns, climbing frames should be FUN. We design our climbing frames first and foremost for play. We want our climbing frames to be climbed on and run about on. We love hearing the shrieks of laughter and squeals of joy as children play and run and act and imagine and create and make-believe and climb and slide and swing.

Playways climbing frames are designed to bring out the very best in your children’s potential, and to do so for the whole of their childhoods.

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