At Playways we have a great many strings to our playhouses and climbing frames bow. From large multi platform playhouse climbing frames to compact but multi use playtowers and from play castles and childrens cottages to large 2 storey playhouses with upstairs levels. One of the aspects of our work that we are really proud of is our ability to make the best use of small spaces, and to really make the most of small town gardens in a way that provides loads of high quality play value, but that doesn’t compromise the rest of the garden. We have built many Playhouses in London in challenging spaces, we consider this our speciality.

Playhouses and climbing frames
Custom playhouse in central London.

A recent project in the Primrose hill area of London is a great example of one of our many Playhouses in London. It is based on one of our standard cottages its adapted to for the slide and climbing wall. There’s loads of extra space to play in the added room downstairs as well. You can read more about this project here.

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